1. Numbers – Basics

– Types of Numbers


-Divsibility properties of numbers

-Finding Prime factors of a number

-Properties of factors of a number

-Unique Properties of Square Numbers

-Concept of negative remainder

–Successive Division

2. Decimal Fractions

-Getting Started

-Types of Fractions

-Types of Decimal Fractions

-Mathematical operations on decimal fractions

-Converting decimal fractions to vulgar fraction

3.Indices & Surds

-Properties of indices

-Laws of surds


4. HCF & LCM

-What is HCF and LCM

-Finding HCF of numbers

-Finding LCM of numbers

 -Properties of HCF and LCM

 -Applications of HCF and LCM

5. Averages

-Basics of average

-Properties of Averages

-Types of problems asked

6. Ratio,Proportion & Variation

-Ratio and Proportion

-Age Problems

-Variation – Direct and Indirect

7. Logarithms

– What are logarithms and anti-logarithms

-Properties of logarithms

-Applications in real life

8. Percentages

– What is a percentage

-Properties of percentages

-Types of questions asked

9. Simplification & Approximation

10. Sequences & Series

-A.P, G.P and H.P explained

– Types of question on A.P

-Types of questions on G.P

– H.P and Properties of numbers