☛ An average is a central value for a set of numbers.

☛ It is calculated by adding all the numbers and dividing it by the total count of numbers.

Eg. Calcualate average of 85, 95 and 129.

(85+95+129)/3 = 309/3 = 103

Important Properties of Averages

☛ It can be observed that average value always lies between the smallest and the largest numbers of a given set.
     In the above example, the average is 103 and it lies between 85 and 129.

☛ If we have 5 numbers a, b, c,d,e whose average is n, it is to be noted that
(n-a)+(n-b)+(n-c)+(n-d)+(n-e) = 0

Let us understand with the help of an example:

Consider 5 nos. – 72, 98, 84,51,35

Average of 5 numbers = (72+98+84+51+35)/5 = 340/5 = 68

Now, ( 68-72)+ (68-98)+(68-84)+(68-51)+(68-35)

= (-4)+(-30)+(-16)+(17)+(33)

= 0

This property will help in solving many problems in short time.

☛ For n numbers in Arithmetic Progression with any difference,

Average of n numbers is the middle term of the series.

Eg. Consider a series 3,6,9,12,15.

Average of series = (3+6+9+12+15)/5 =9

It is same as the third term which also happens to be the middle term

For n numbers in Arithmetic Progression with any difference,

Average of n numbers =( [ First Term] + [Last Term])/2

Eg. Consider an AP, 7,14,21,28,35.

Common Difference = 7

Average of AP = Middle Term = 21

( First term + Last Term)/2 = (7+35)/2= 21

One of the most frequently asked type of question is:

☛ Average of a group changing due to addition/ removal of a person.

Eg. Average of a group of 5 boys is 20 years. On adding one more boy in the group, average age increases by 1 year. What is the average age of new person?

Conventional Method:

Average age of 5 boys = 20 yrs

Total age of 5 boys = 20 x 5 = 100 yrs

New average age of 6 boys = 21 yrs

Total new age of 6 boys = 126 yrs

Average of new boy = New Total age – Old Total Age = 126-100 = 26 years

A simpler method to solve the above example can be :

The average age of the group increases by 1.

So add increase of 1 year per person for 5 members to the new average ie. 21.

We get 5+21 = 26 years without much calculation and effort.

☛ Age of new member = New Average + [Increase in Average x Initial no. Of members]

Similarly, if average age of the group is decreased by 1 with 1 person adding to the group,

Again add new average to increase (-1 per person) for 5 persons.



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Averages - Concept Refresher

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The average weight of 18 students of a class is 15 kg. If a student leaves the class, the average weight of the class drops by 0.6 kg. Find the weight of the student (in kg) who left the class.

Marks in sixth exam = Initial Average+( Decrease in marks x Total tests)
= 60 + (-5 x 6)
= 30 marks.
Hence (C)

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