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We are an education platform making you realize aptitude is just distorted common sense put together. While exams may vary, level of difficulty in them may vary, the core concepts are the same since ages. We are the people who believe common sense is free and should always be free.  




1. Fundamentals

The topic contains 10 standalone topics. They would form the building blocks for the other chapters. The topics have been arranged in a sequential manner. We would suggest you to follow the same

2. Numbers – Advanced

Numbers are fun! Let’s get to know them better. We discuss all their different properties – right from the most basic ones to the most convoluted one. Time and again, exams test on this topic.  

3. Business Problems

This module covers  day to day business problems. The topics explained under this module include profit, loss and discount, mixtures and alligations, simple and compound interest.

4. Time Based Topics

Time is important no doubt and so are the questions related to the topic! The module covers all types of time speed distance and time work problems. A good understanding of variation concept is a must

5. Clocks & Calendar

 The smallest module of all having only two topics – clocks and calendar. It would help to solve all the types of questions asked on the two topics.


6. Geometry

This module covers all the concepts required to solve questions on geometry. The topics include-  trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, mensuration 

7. P&C and Probability

Permutations and Combinations form the basics for Probability. This module deals with both of them. Time and again, considered as one of the most confusing topic but dealt in an easier way!

8. Equations and Inequalities

Very few exams ask questions from this topic. But this is a very important topic when it comes to MBA exams.